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Large Fixed Mirror

£730.73 excl. tax

The Large Fixed Mirror has been designed to bring a contemporary edge to the collection. This fixed mirror can also be made to bespoke dimensions. Stylishly and practically designed so that they can be mounted on to the wall vertically or horizontally.

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  • 900mm x 750mm brass frame.
  • Concealed wall hanging.
  • High quality flat glass mirror.
  • Sturdily constructed from 25mm x 19mm solid brass angle.
  • Corners are hand mitred and silver soldered followed by hand polishing, plating and rigorous quality inspection.
  • Available in Chrome, Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Light Bronze, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze, Polished Copper, Polished Brass, Rose Gold and Antique Gold

Care and Cleaning


Wash surfaces gently with a soft damp cloth; use a neutral liquid soap with water for daily cleaning, dry any over spray.

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