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Selaira 2 Leg Small Corner Wash Basin

From: £509.12

This Industrial style basin stand is perfect for any bathroom, using a top mounted ceramic basin which perfectly compliments the natural marble vanity top. The high quality glazed ceramic sits beautifully inside of the natural stone cut marble.





The Selaira 2 leg corner washbasin is the epitome of industrial simplicity. Using straight joints, which are expertly machined and detailed, this corner washbasin holds a modern beauty unrivalled on the market.

Manufactured in England by skilled machinists and craftsmen, this small corner wash basin was designed to fit into any small bathroom. Due to the joints having the simple industrial design they have, this corner hand basin is able to sit very close to the back wall for maximum space in the bathroom.

The Selaira 2 leg corner basin uses solid machine detailed components and 1inch (25.4mm) brass tube. The feet have a knurled detailed collar, which is also designed to hold the same industrial style this corner hand basin has. The corner wash basin has adjustable feet and top hats making it perfect for un-level floors.

The Selaira 2 leg Industrial styled corner hand basin is available with 3 shelf configurations, maximising available space making it perfect for smaller bathrooms. This corner hand basin is available with a natural marble shelf to allow you to hold your bathroom essentials with the luxury of a beautifully cut and polished natural stone, an uncommon feature among top mounted basin stands.

The Selaira corner hand basin is available with a small ceramic glazed basin and shelf. An alternative to the marble shelf is a 10mm toughened glass shelf which ensures the corner basin remains light and spacious even in the smallest of bathrooms.

The final shelf configuration for the Selaira Industrial corner basin is a metal rack, which is made of ½” (12.7mm) brass tube to ensure the Industrial styled stand stays proportional in size. This corner hand basin is perfect for both hospitality and residential use, being small enough to fit into any guest or main bathroom.

The knurled detailed feet, joints and components are all machined from solid brass; the joints have a clean sculpted milled cut and are fabricated onto the hand polished brass tube for a beautiful simple visual blend between joint and tube.

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Polished Brass / Chrome, Polished Nickel / Brushed Brass / Brushed Nickel, Bronze Shades / Gold Shades, Custom Finish


Stone Shelf, Toughened Glass Shelf, Brass Rung Rack, Heated Rack, None


Ceramic Top mounted Basin, None

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