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You may have heard of Sterlingham, the towel rail manufacturer. We are working with Sterlingham to bring out a new collection of Marble rung towel warmers, you’ll find it at their stall in Decorex 2019. 

We’ve worked with Sterlingham for many years and perhaps know everything there is to know about their towel warmers. The Stourton, Enville, Park Lane and Tura are classic enough to be used in any bathroom. 

Sterlingham recently released their new coding system for Towel Warmers, which uses the first 4 letters of the Towel Warmer name and the number of rails, along with the configuration type. Don’t worry we’ll talk you through a couple examples below. 

So lets say you want a Stourton Towel Warmer with 3 rails, electric in a polished chrome finish well that would be known as STOU-3-E-CP if you wanted the same Stourton Towel Rails but in a hot water model it would be STOU-3-H-CP. Lets increase the rails, if we wanted a Stourton Towel Warmer with 4 or 5 rails in electric then it would be STOU-4-E-CP or STOU-5-E-CP.

Same goes for Park Lane, i’ll list out a few below with the descriptions next to them. 

PARK-3-E-CP – Sterlingham Park Lane, 3 Rail, Electric, Polished Chrome finish

PARK-4-E-NP – Sterlingham Park Lane, 4 Rail, Electric, Polished Nickel finish

PARK-5-E-UB – Sterlingham Park Lane, 5 Rail, Electric, Un-lacquered Polished Brass finish

PARK-3-H-CP – Sterlingham Park Lane, 3 Rail, Hot Water, Polished Chrome finish

PARK-4-H-NP – Sterlingham Park Lane, 4 Rail, Hot Water, Polished Nickel finish

PARK-5-H-UB – Sterlingham Park Lane, 5 Rail, Hot Water, Un-lacquered Polished Brass finish

I’ll do the same for the Sterlingham Tura Towel Warmer below also. 

TURA -3-E-CP – Sterlingham Tura, 3 Rail, Electric, Polished Chrome finish

TURA-4-E-NP – Sterlingham Tura, 4 Rail, Electric, Polished Nickel finish

TURA-5-E-UB – Sterlingham Tura, 5 Rail, Electric, Un-lacquered Polished Brass finish

TURA-3-H-CP – Sterlingham Tura, 3 Rail, Hot Water, Polished Chrome finish

TURA-4-H-NP – Sterlingham Tura, 4 Rail, Hot Water, Polished Nickel finish

TURA-5-H-UB – Sterlingham Tura, 5 Rail, Hot Water, Un-lacquered Polished Brass finish

Last one is the Sterlingham Enville Towel Warmer.

ENVI-3-E-CP – Sterlingham Enville, 3 Rail, Electric, Polished Chrome finish

ENVI-4-E-NP – Sterlingham Enville, 4 Rail, Electric, Polished Nickel finish

ENVI-5-E-UB – Sterlingham Enville, 5 Rail, Electric, Un-lacquered Polished Brass finish

ENVI-3-H-CP – Sterlingham Enville, 3 Rail, Hot Water, Polished Chrome finish

ENVI-4-H-NP – Sterlingham Enville, 4 Rail, Hot Water, Polished Nickel finish

ENVI-5-H-UB – Sterlingham Enville, 5 Rail, Hot Water, Un-lacquered Polished Brass finish

You can purchase your Sterlingham Towel Warmers and products through us, we’ll make sure all the codes and dimensions and finishes are correct. Get in touch now –

Looking for feature wall and floor ideas? We’ve looked through and curated the best, that’ll give your bedroom or living room the feature wall and floor it deserves. Living room feature walls and floors have become so important much of the living room is designed around the feature. Bedrooms again have slowly built up the trend of using tiles and mosaics to create feature walls, floors and foyers. 

First feature floors we’d love to introduce you to, which looks great as a bedroom or living room feature wall also is the Triagolo 02. These tiles are a perfect match for heels, using inlays of Brass and Terrazzo stone you’ll find your guests (or yourself) can’ stop looking at these tiles. The Brushed Brass can be kept looking sharp or clean or generate an aged patina in use to age along with all the other brass hardware in the room, its your choice.

The patterns are really something to behold and the Gold Brass aesthetics with the Terrazzo stone really makes it a strong feature bedroom floor or feature living room wall.

Secondly let me introduce you to this lovely lady and the Rio Petite tiles she stands on, we’ve included this to show you sometimes a feature wall is actually a floor, think hotel halls and foyers. We love how soft these colours are and the beautiful pattern which make for a soft and light feature living room wall (floor) without tiring from it. 

Okay, let me take you back to traditional, with a luxury twist of course. The serenity feature living room wall standing over a fire place is made of marble with inlays of Brass, we said luxury twist didn’t we. The Brass can be finished in many different metal finishes, creating a truly unique and jaw dropping feature wall for any living room. 

Hello again lovely lady. Complimenting this beautiful lady is the Zurich Petite mosaic feature living room wall. We love this image as it shows how strong but also complimenting the right feature wall can be to the home and all around. Almost like a beautiful painting this luxury living room feature wall includes Brass inlays and marble stone, creating a feature which will last life times and looking as new as the day it was installed. 

Geo Petite is another feature wall which is composed of luxury materials, although this time it uses gold glass also! Using Terrazzo stone, Gold Glass and Brass, Geo Petite makes a feature wall which you can’t take your eyes off. Again great for bedroom feature walls or floors and living room feature walls or foyer feature floors, these luxury mosaics are so versatile and show stopping they can be used almost anywhere and have a strong effect. Available in a range of different coloured Terrazzo stones, Geo Petite has a version for any home. 

Feature walls and floors are so important to the design of every home today. Let us know which was your favourite?

Looking for luxury bathroom tile ideas? Bathrooms tiles were all about function in the past, choosing tiles that will protect the floor, wall, bath and shower area. Now a days they play a huge part (if not the biggest part) in the overall feel and design of the bathroom. We know there are loads of luxury bathroom tile ideas out there and that’s why we’ve made it easy for you going through and curating the best 5 we feel deserve your time. 

Colour, colour, colour (and pattern too) the Confectionary luxury bathroom tiles are made by Mosaique Surface, a well known hand maker for luxury bathroom tiles, and the Confectionary is no exception. Made using natural marble stone – Stratus Pink (polished), Nero Panthera (polished), Bardiglio Medium (polished), Giallo Reale (polished), Bianca Carrera (polished), Oxford Beige (polished), Rosso Verona (polished) and Timber Brown (polished). These natural stones come together to make beautifully coloured and patterned bathroom tiles, suitable to be used as bathroom tile walls, shower tiles and bathroom floor tiles. 

Magnolia Buds, this we knew was a luxury bathroom tile at first sight and had to be in the list of best luxury bathroom tiles no matter what. Using mixed materials of Brass and Marble, the mosaic is able to create a luxury tile flower theme in the bathroom. Using Brass as the curvaceous stems of the flower buds really pushes the metal craftsmanship and design to a whole new level in tiles and mosaics.

The Moderna is a modern take on a classic timeless design. You can never go wrong with black and white, the simple pattern keep the tiles fresh and fun. It reminds us of Vogue and London when things were edgy but not trying to be, they just were; back in the days of e-type jaguars and classics we know today. 

It doesn’t end there, the Moderna is made using mother of pearl sea shell and marble to get the beautiful contrast right. The luxury materials don’t just make for these tiles a talking point (or a competition in luxury bathroom tile ideas) but composed together create a deep and harmonious contrast other materials just couldn’t replicate.

Welcome back Terrazzo, we’ve welcomed back the beautiful Terrazzo material and SOLO 5 tiles shows us just how beautiful the material is. SOLO 5 uses a simple design, showing off the material. Great for bathroom floor tiles as the material is so hardwearing and easy to clean. The best feature of this luxury bathroom tile – its available in 6 different Terrazzo colours. 

SOLO 6 tile was another which deserved its place at the luxury bathroom tile ideas table for one simple reason. Mosaique Surface, the manufacturer of SOLO 6, has embraced the philosophy of creativity. In there own words they say “Choose your favourite stone. Create your very own pattern. Personalise your space. Go Solo. The possibilities are endless…” offering limitless design capabilities to interior designers and private home renovators to create truly unique luxury bathroom tiles. 

There are a lot of luxury bathroom tiles and mosaics to choose from. Make sure you speak with your installers to make sure they’re confident with installation. Choose wisely, they may look expensive but a good tile / mosaic will last a lifetime and look as new as the day it was first installed or age along with the bathroom developing its own patina along with the other brassware in the bathroom.

These luxury kitchen splashback ideas introduce colour, pattern and luxurious materials to make a kitchen splashback everything it should be.

Your photo albums are probably already full of nice kitchen splashback ideas – there are thousands to choose from, but we’ve looked through them all to find those kitchen splashback ideas that won’t just be practical but also a feast for the eyes. We’ve searched from marble to glass tiles and mosaics and everything in-between and collated the most luxurious tiles (possibly ever!)

Ludlow Black

First to kick off the most luxurious kitchen splashback ideas is this beautiful mosaic called Stella by Mosaique Surface. Now our avid readers will know we’re huge fans of Mosaique Surface not just for there luxurious aesthetics and the fact they could possibly produce the best mosaics in the world but because of there range and ambition to push the boundaries of tiles and mosaics further every time, and Stella is no exception.

Stella tiles use Brass inlays with mixed materials of Marble and Terrazzo in two standard colour-ways but available in thousands of custom options making each mosaic seriously unique. The best option though is the availability of different metal finishes – I mean seriously if this isn’t luxurious tiles, then i don’t know what is. Easy to clean and able to be used on floors and walls, these tiles are a serious contender for kitchen splashbacks and feature walls.

It’s 2019 and we’ve opened our hearts back up to Terrazzo, introducing the Dimensione kitchen splashback idea. Using honed Terrazzo, polished Marble and Brushed Brass these tiles create a beautifully modern kitchen splashback with a simple pattern and slight hints of metal – perfectly catching and directing the eyes. 

“walk through the Garden District on a Sunday afternoon and savour some of worlds best-preserved historic mansions. All beautifully adorned with a multitude of flowers and gardens, enough to beautify any home, old or new” Is what Mosaique Surface say about there luxurious tiles – the Hydrangea used in this kitchen splashback

Josephine Tiles are my personal favourite, i find the black and white reminds me of a classic London feel whist the design and style just feels so luxury but not over the top, shouting in your face. These designer tiles are the perfect addition to any kitchen splashback, wall or floor. 

This is a bold statement, but of all the kitchen splashback ideas, this could possibly be the most luxurious. Using mirrored stainless steel with Calacatta Ora marble, is a standout from any of kitchen splashback available. We all know how good a mirrored kitchen splashback is and how good a marble kitchen splashback is, but what about when you combine the two? – The best of both worlds – marble and mirror! And metal!! 

Theres a lot of kitchen splashback ideas out there, make sure you choose one that will protect the wall and be aesthetically pleasing for years to come. It’s a big choice and it can change the whole feel of the kitchen. A good kitchen splashback can even become a kitchen feature wall and remember its something you’ll possibly be looking at for years to come.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how obsessed are you with beautiful mosaics and tiles? If you’re anything like us then your Pinterest mood boards, instagram and general phone photo album will be filled with scattered photos of luxury bathroom mosaics and kitchen splash backs you just can’t bring yourself to delete (or organise either). So short answer you’re a 10.

You may have already seen these tiles on Elle Decor or all over Pinterest, and chances are your photo albums are filled with some of these luxury mosaic collections but let’s take it from the top. 

Luxury mosaics and tile manufacturer’s Mosaique Surface are the makers of these beautiful handmade mosaics. Based in Montreal, Canada, Mosaique Surface use high precision water jet technology combined with skilled artisans to hand make each one of these luxury mosaic walls.

Heres a few collections perfect for those looking for kitchen splash back tiles, living room tiles or of course those bathroom tiles that’ll make a big statement and become a feature mosaic wall in that shower room. Or if you just want to feast your eyes over some luxury mosaics that’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy.

The French Quarter Collection

The famous French Quarter Collection is the collection Mosaique Surface launched in 2018 “inspired by the rich culture and grand architecture that gives a nod to the historical French influences”  The collection features beautiful luxury mosaic curves the company are famous for, harmoniously bringing different marbles, metals and glass variations together to create truly luxury mosaic tiles suitable for kitchen floors to bathroom shower rooms and feature wall living rooms. 

SOLO Collection

SOLO is the collection Mosaique Surface flexed its muscles, introducing Terrazzo stone and calling on its truly handmade artisanal skills. Choose your favourite stones, from natural stone marbles, Arebescato, Calacatta Oro, Nero Marquina to Honed Terrazzo stone, create your own patterns and sit back and dream about how beautiful those bathroom floor tiles will look. Giving home renovators and interior designers endless opportunities to design something truly unique.

Wonderland Collection

Marble stones with Brushed Brass inlays, Mosaique Surface pushed its boundaries in craftsmanship and artistry. Really pushing the company into being the most luxury mosaic manufacturer and innovator in the industry. 

The Dominion Collection 

Affordable luxury at its best (and quicker lead times). The grand patterns and contrasting mix of materials of this collection gave way to Brushed Brass or Gold Glass which beautifully highlight the stately stones.

La Liberta Collection

Now this, my interior designer tile searchers and home renovating tile enthusiasts is our favourite collection. It introduces a multimedia that brings a fresh new vision for luxury mosaics and tiles. “Geometric patterns infused with authentic Italian Terrazzo offer a spectacular focal point and the pixelated look brings movement and energy to the space” any feature wall is lost without them – you heard it here first.

We’re super excited to bring these luxury mosaic tiles to the UK, for all you #ihaveathingwithfloors #ihaveathingforwalls hashtaggers to feast over! I’ve already told the hubby we’re definitely having these for the next kitchen splash back or bathroom tile renovation! Let us know your thoughts and your favourites.